Thursday, June 19, 2008

TFT: P.S. I Love You

Over the weekend I watched the movie P.S. I Love You.

Great movie. I really liked it. (anyone else see it? like it? hate it?)

Here's a little recap/spoiler-without-being-a-spoiler....

The husband in the movie dies of a brain tumor. His wife is having a hard time moving on, and on her 30th birthday she receives a message from him via a birthday cake and tape recorder. Turns out, before he died, he planned to have letters mailed to her in a specific timeline. Some of the letters tells her to do things (like go out with her friends, etc etc.) and he even plans a vacation for her and two of her friends. Throughout receiving these letters, she revisits old memories with her deceased husband. Its kind of bittersweet, how these letters help her move on yet almost hold her back.

Anyhow... Ryan asked me if I would be creeped out if he did something like that. My answer? No. I thought it was so sweet that he planned all this in advance and went through so much tedious planning to make everything work so smoothly. Although, in a way I guess it would be kind of creepy to receive the first "surprise" message from your deceased husband.

So, what do you think.... if your spouse knew they were dying and had planned letters to send to you after their death would you think it was sweet or creepy?


  1. We watched it the other night. It was good.

    I think it would be sweet, but at the same time, it would be hard to move on with life. I think I would be sad when the last letter came.

  2. I think it would be very sweet. Although I don't think my husband would be clever enough to do that:)

  3. Okay, I don't want to be depressing, here, but my fiance died four days before our wedding in a motorcycle accident. If he had done that for me, it would have been the coolest thing! Before he died we had a conversation about what we would want if the other person died and he told me he would want me to find love and move on. That helped me immensely!

    I loved the movie, and I have read all of Cecilia Ahern's books and they are really good. If You Could See Me Now is one I would definately recommend.

  4. I loved the movie too! Very sweet!

  5. I loved the show and thought it was very sweet! I think the fact that he did those things helped her to move on, even though it took a while.

  6. OMG I loved that movie! I watched it on the plane ride home from Pennsylvania and then again on Valentines Day.

    I think that I would LOVE IT! But, at the same time I know that I wouldn't be able to stop crying and I think it would make me miss him even more.

    Hopefully none of us have to deal with this though. We will all die when we are old Grannies and Grandpas.

  7. i thought that was a neat movie. i guess i can't answer that honestly because i don't know what sort of grieving i'd be doing... but RIGHT NOW i'd say it would be awesome. at the end of the movie she was more ready to move on. it was cool.

  8. Hello I have been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it.
    I watched this movie and cried through the whole thing and would love for my husband to do that for me.

  9. i have this movie on my table at home and i've been meaning to watch it for a month! now i REALLY want to watch it.

    if my hubby did that, i would think it was awesome. i think it would be very emotional, but almost like you get to say your goodbye in another way...

  10. I loved the movie and think I would love for my husband to do something like that for me.

  11. Hey, Im sitting here in Virginia Beach and we just finished watching this movie. I balled my eyes during the whole thing and am still as I read some of these comments. You should see me now, I look like a train wreck. I guess its been quite a awile since I had a good 'cry' and it all came out at once! Movies do that to me. Don't ever ask me to go to a theater for a movie like this! I'll be ducking out the emergency exit so noone sees my racooned eyes.

    As for my answer, I think it would be hard to move on if you've got these reminders, but whats another year. Especially if it means having that person for one more year in your life. Being surrounded and reminded of the love that they gave you and still continue to.
    Great movie recommendation! But maybe I should've waited till we were home, not on our anniversary trip! LOL!