Monday, August 4, 2008

August OPAM?

I'm thinking of doing this in my upstairs hallway. What do you think?

The images on her site are 20x20 (roughly).... I put up 12x12 sheets thinking I'd do 12x12 because doing 20x20's would cost me about $200 in prints alone, and 12x12's would be roughly 1/5th of that cost. And also I'm not sure about them being so... LARGE (20x20 that is). I love large pics, but NINE 20x20's? Not sure how that'd look in a hallway (although I love how it looks in her room!)

What do you think? Are the 12x12's going to look too dinky?

I know I said I was going to STOP on the house projects for awhile. I. CAN. NOT. STOP. All day all I think about is the 500 billion different projects I *could* be working on (if I had an unlimited supply of time and money, right?). And then I get overwhelmed because I can't stay on track and get one single one finished! I need to just slow down... baby steps. And this hallway is a perfect baby step. Paint it (find paint color!) and put up pictures. Simple enough, right?

Upcoming projects (big ones):
Demo of the upstairs bathroom! YAY! This will probably be started this month, but who knows how long it'll take to get finished with 2 kids running around. Ry is getting a bonus next week so we're going to gut the bathroom: toilet, vanity, mirror, floor, wallpaper, towel and toilet paper holders.... the only thing that is staying is the tub. This should be cool!

Tearing down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. We plan to host Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve at our house this year (its our year for Xmas eve to be at our house with Ry's family, and now that we have a big enough house we plan to invite both sides of our families over for Thanksgiving so we don't have to split up our day anymore), so I would like to have the wall tore down to a half wall with a bar before Thanksgiving.

We'll see if those actually get finished. This weekend we *started* clearing out overgrown weeds/bushes from our landscaping and I had wanted to get some perennials planted so that they'd have a good growing start next spring, but like I said before... we keep starting and stopping projects because we both apparently have ADD (and two kids that only give us a couple hours a day to work on these projects in between nap and awake time!).


  1. i don't think those squares are too small at all! if you do, maybe space them apart a tad more??? that will be so cute when you finish! you've inspired me to actually get some prints on the walls.

  2. I think that size is perfect for the space! Cute idea. I had project ADD when we first moved into our house 4 years is the hardest thing to not be able to do it all at once. At we didn't even have kids at that point. We just tore down the wall between our kitchen and living room, to make our kitchen bigger and create a formal dining room...wall-bashing is fun! Enjoy!

  3. I love the dramatic effect of the 20x 20 pieces, but 12 x 12 would still look great

  4. i love the idea and think that 12x12 would still look good. plus, it leaves you room to put a bench or something underneath if you want? i'm excited to see your finished project! :)

  5. Maybe put 20 x 20's up and compare? I love how dramatic the bigger prints are and I'm afraid you wouldn't get the same effect- but it is hard to tell from just a picture.

  6. I love it!
    12x12's are my favorite print sizes too.
    The 20x20 would be costly but maybe you could tweak the amount of frames if that is really the size you'd like to go for.
    Apparently 2008 is the year of getting your house together, I don't know if it's nesting on my end but I am going batty with ideas too, plus my new 2009 IKEA catalog didn't help!

  7. Nic-Okay, I swear I am not copying you, but I was thinking of doing something like that in our living room when all of my "animals" come off the wall. I wasn't sure what size I was going to do though. :)

    I think it would great in your hallway. Have you chosen a color or do you have any in mind?

  8. It is hard to say without seeing 20x20 squares...don't you have some spare time to put those up and show us? Hee hee! I think the 12x12 look nice, but I have a feeling I might like the 20x20 better. Or maybe 12x12 prints with mats to make the overall 20x20?? to be more cost effective??

  9. "Hilary" and "Maiden Mother" are totally right!! It would look outstanding!! ;)

  10. I love it! Sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks ahead of you. Good luck with all of your projects!