Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This boy...

I swear, he keeps me on my toes.

I was upstairs cleaning and I heard a crash downstairs. I walked down to hear noise coming from the dining room/mudroom area.

I saw this:

Innocent enough, right?

Well, here's what I found inside:

This WAS a leftover eclaire cake from dinner last night. Let's see... there were a few funnies from this Sunday at my mom's, too. My aunt, uncle and cousin were in from Georgia and my other uncle brought 3 of his 4 boys up from Temperence. Nathan is about 6 months older than Porter and Patrick is 6, so they get along just great. Three VERY boyish boys... fun times
  • Porter decided to THROW dirt all over himself... he was black. Disgustingly dirty.
  • Patrick yanked down his pants to pee behind a tree (such a boy!) and Porter (who has not an inkling of how to pee on command LOL!) watched in awe and then struggled to pull down his pants and diaper and "pee" too.
  • The boys were riding a Little Tikes tractor down the hill in the yard. I look over to see Patrick and Porter both on the tractor (which is tiny!) and flying down the hill. They hit a dip and off flew Porter.
I have a feeling life with 2 boys will never be dull.

On other subjects... does this look any better?

I don't think I'm going to do the 20x20's because 9 of them take up pretty much that whole space (with maybe 8-10 inches around the edge of the wall). I'm afraid that walking by it in that little "hall" space to our door would just be so in-your-face. In Tara's house, it was on a wall not a walkway, so I think the larger prints work great for that.

So, I thought I'd try a 4x3 row of 12x12's and maybe a 4x4 grid (add one more row along the bottom??). I also think I'll probalby put a fake tree or something in the corner by Hudson's room (where that box is).


  1. Yes, adding the extra column of photos evens the space out much better!

  2. I'm with Kristi, I like the 4x3 look.

    And at least Porter had the good sense to try and hide in a box ...

  3. what mischief!!!

    i think the new layout looks like it fits in that space much better. can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Too funny about Porter and the cake. Is that when we were on the phone?!I know you were asking him what he was doing...Too funny.