Wednesday, February 6, 2008

3 days without posting?

Where the hell do I think I've been?

Well... its been an uneventful, yet busy, week.

Monday... was.. Monday. Most of my kids were dead tired and zoned out all day. I felt like I was working with zombies. I tried cracking jokes with them and got some half smiles. All they could muster up I guess. I bet most of them stayed up late watching the Superbowl.

Tuesday... we had a 2 hour delay. Sweet! We had fog. So, my morning went really quick, and the afternoon was much better. I met with a new (to me) 3rd grader. She's been absent on the says I tried pulling her from class. She's going to be the one to make me pull out my hair, I can tell. I love all of the 3rd graders I'm working with, some are more personable than others, but this new girl... oooh. She's hard to keep on track and focused. She'll be my challenge. I'll probably do a lot of one on one with her as in a small (2-3 students) group she's all over and off task. Fun stuff!

Last night Ryan and I were going to go to dinner at Outback, but once I got home he was in a foul mood and very negative so I canceled on him. His mood irritated me and I wasn't about to waste what could be a perfectly nice dinner with my husband on his grumpy, negative mood. Hopefully we can reschedule for this weekend or next week. Dinner out sounds sooo yummy. Anyhow, we had tacos at home, which were quite yummy. Porter and I avoided grumpster and we played play-doh and did an art project. Afterwards he had a bath in which he did his first poop in! He's had some poop issues lately... you hear him toot and you know he went #2, and not solid. He must have some sort of bug/virus. Anyhow, he thought he tooted in the tub, but there were more than bubbles floating through his water.

Today... I worked a half day. Porter was up at 5:45am... punk. I apologized to LeeAnn for any possible whiny, tantrumy behavior he might exhibit. I have no idea why this kid is up at all hours of the night and at the butt crack of dawn!

The roads were terrible today. The WEATHER was terrible today. Last week we had a ton of snow (see my new banner?), and the last few days it warmed up to above 40* and the snow mostly melted. Last night it poured all night, and this morning, at 30*, we enjoyed some rain, then snow, then sleet. The drive home was great, let me tell you. I picked Porter up and drove 30mph the whole way home. The roads were literally a covered sheet of slush/chunky ice/icey rain puddles. I'm wondering if we'll have school tomorrow?

This afternoon I took on a few projects for the baby's room. Pictures are posted here .

Now my back hurts from standing and sewing all afternoon, and I'm tired and have a kink in my neck that is causing the right side of my head to ache. I need to go to the chiropractor!

So... that's about it. Wow. What a boring post. Sorry bout that. I have a topic for TFT tomorrow, but I think I'll save it for the following week as I don't have time to really plan it out and think out the topic all that thoroughly.

Have a great night!

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  1. About P's poop...
    I'm curious whether he has a virus or not... Sawyer had about a month's worth of yucky diarrhea like that right around his second birthday too... maybe it was more like six weeks actually. And I think Morgan might have, if I remember right... and I have another friend here who's daughter had the same bout right before she turned two. Weird.
    I'm curious whether this is some strange rite of passage for new two year olds?! Or major teething on those molars!!