Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm sitting here watching 9 Months... the movie with Hugh Grant in it. And its at the scene where the wives are in labor and everyone is screaming and yelling and running around. OH my word... how over dramatic! No wonder first time parents go into the hospital freaked out about delivery!

Tonight we had a pretty relaxing evening. We had grilled chicken salads for dinner, and afterwards I cut Porter's hair (should have had my father in law do that this morning when Porter was over there!), and then Ry got P in the bath while I made chocolate chip cookies. Then... we had our first movie night with Porter. We all had milk and cookies and watched Ratatouille. Porter made it through about 45 minutes of the movie and then he was too busy being busy and tired so we put him to bed.

Ryan went out for a drink with his friend, Scott, after the movie was over, so I'm just sitting here relaxing and blog surfing. I really want to go scrapbook but I'm too lazy!

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  1. i want to do family movie nights! neat! did you like ratatouille?