Monday, February 11, 2008

Want some cheese with that whine?

This is the whiny face I've dealt with for the past week. Ugh. He is driving me crazy.

The lack of sleep I'm getting at night + the lack of sleep he's getting at night (he is up like... every freaking hour moseying into our room) + my insane pregnancy hormones + my husband being overly moody and lazy + Porter's whinyness = one ready to leave the world behind mama. Ugh. I won't elaborate. Let's just say I have had a "I hate my life" weekend. My mom kept Porter overnight (last night, I guess you'd say, as its now 1:30am on Monday morning). I should be catching up on sleep. What the hell am I doing blogging? Oh, yeah, sharing that pathetic little face. And these...

He's been into building with his nesting blocks this weekend. He was cracking me up with his tongue sticking out the entire time.

My bribe to get him to sit still for me.

Lazy daddy and Porter joining him...**************************
He came out of our bedroom and told me this.... "Shhhh! Daddy sleeping!"

With this sweet face, how can the whining irritate you that long?


  1. Cute pic's.....Yeah, what the hell were you doing up that late blogging???? You could have been in bed sound asleep with no kid interruptions! hahah. :)

  2. those eyes! what a cutie! hope you have a better week (and get some more sleep).

  3. First of all, gotta tell ya... I know exactly where you are coming from!!! Those whiny days and lazy husband.. ugh! But as you know it's likely everyone will again one day be lovely! Keep your chin up and remember "this too shall pass"! Im so guilty about staying up late on the dang computer... I often find myself saying.. "why can't I go to bed?" I just don't want to sometimes! It's the only peaceful time and I enjoy that time! Ok enough ramble! Here's to your week being better than your weekend! BTW.. P has turned into quite the little man! What a doll!

  4. Cute pics, even if it was a whiney face. He's getting so grown up! Sorry I haven't commented in a while - I'm still reading though. :o)

  5. those pics are awful cute. believe it or not... someday you'll look back and miss these times!!! (even the whining!!!)