Friday, December 9, 2011

This morning

  • This morning is the only day of the week we (me and the kids) can sleep in until 7:30ish to get Porter off to school at 8:15.  Normally during the week I'm having to wake the kids up.  Today?  They were up and at em at 6:30.  What the hell.  
  • Speaking of waking up... my wake up this morning consisted of a 90lb Goldendoodle at my feet, a 30lb puppy on one side of me, a kid on the other and another kid on the other side of the puppy.  We need a bigger bed.  
  • Dreading my doctor's appointment this morning.  I've been gaining weight like... like... like... a food addict this pregnancy. 
  • No, I did not google "average weight of boobs" this morning to see how much weight my size E's might possibly have added onto my pregnancy weight.  
  • While waiting for the bus with Porter this morning, he shoveled the sidewalk and driveway out front.  Kids are pretty useful!

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