Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gettin' my motivation on!

Since this will be the last baby I birth... I'm determined to get myself back together asap.   I know this will take a lot of determination and discipline, and quite frankly I'm a little nervous about it.  I've gained 52lbs this pregnancy and tacking on a few years since my last pregnancy I'm pretty sure it isn't going to just "fall off" like the last two.   I decided I needed a deadline... something to work toward.

A few months ago I found this website for The Color Run- a colorful 5k run.  Well, at that point there wasn't a race anywhere near my town, but there was one in September in DC.  I contemplated going to visit my mom that weekend and running there. However, I kind of forgot about the run for a bit and then yesterday decided to look up some different 5k runs nearby.  I also decided to check the Color Run website, in which I found that they'd added a ton of new locations- one being just a half hour from me!

I signed up.  I'm in.  July 22 I'm running a 5k and I'm going to have a blast!  I'm hoping to get 3 other friends to sign up on my team so I won't be running alone (or at least won't be in the race alone).  I'm super excited and even MORE reason to be excited to have baby sis here so I can begin getting back to normal and start training!

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  1. i have never heard of this! i see they have it in MN too, it looks like fun!
    i'm soooo jealous if your lbs fell off the first two times! still working on mine, um, 2.5 years later. :)