Monday, May 14, 2012

First run

I decided to start running again.  I have just over 8 weeks until my 5k Color Run in July and I haven't done a lick of exercise in 9 months.  Also, disgustingly, I am at my "delivery day" weight when I had both Hudson and Porter.... HUGE.  So that is 40lbs more than normal.  FORTY POUNDS.  HOW SICKENING.  So, I have a long way to go.  A lot of weight to lose and a lot of fat to burn and replace with muscle.  The task seems so daunting but I know I won't get anywhere if I don't make a start.

So, today I started.  It has been 3 weeks 1 day since I had Amelia.  Honestly I was kind of scared my innards would fall out my hoo-ha when I ran but thank goodness I'm all still in tact.  :)  However, after a brisk walk and I began to run (ha!!  how about jog in slow-mo??) I felt like I was in an out of body experience.  This body does not feel like mine.  This is not me.  This jiggly mass of concrete can not possibly be MY body.  I have never felt so heavy and strange in my life (okay... so maybe when I was pregnant... but not un-pregnant).

I kept going, though, even though I felt like I was running on elephant legs.  It got easier, and though I originally planned to do a short 1 or 1.5 mile run/walk I ended up going the entire block that is 2.6miles or so.  By the end I was beet red and really sore, and really tired.  But I did it.  It is a start.


  1. Way to Go Nicole!!
    Also, I'm a little delayed. Apparently 3 weeks and 1 day, but Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl!

  2. good for you :) you're ambitious to start running 3 weeks pp... i don't think i ever did anything that early! i'm doing a 5k in a month... and haven't been running at all. i better get going.

  3. way to go! it's been at least two years since i exercised if that makes you feel like the rockstar you are :)

  4. Good for you! Getting back into the groove post-partum is sooo hard. After a few days of exercise though, you're gonna feel great. Keep it up!

  5. Fantastic!! I had c- sections so I had to wait forever to run. It will get easier!!