Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mom Fail

I'm feeling like the worst mom ever today. Last weekend Porters school sent out a message that Weds would be a half day due to funeral arrangements for the teacher that passed away. They also said "The kindergarten field trip to the Dahlem Center is cancelled.". P's field trip was on Thursday so I thought it was strange they cancelled it when the funeral was Weds. However, I listened twice and sure enough, says it is cancelled.

This morning I woke up late, had to rush Porter to get dressed and sent him school With lunch money and at the last minute gave him $1.50 for real fast because he'd only had time to grab a graham cracker on the way out.

As I dropped him off I thought I should call the office to make sure te field trip indeed was cancelled. No one in the office answered so I listened to the voicemail again. Yep. Kindergarten field trip was cancelled.

Not even 15 minutes later I get a call from Porter's teacher. "Nicole, are you going on the field trip today?"

Aughhhh! Turns out 2 classes were going Weds and 2 were going Thursday. It was the Wednesday classed trip that was rescheduled. And I would have known the trip was still on if I had sent Porter to school yesterday and got the note sent home.

So I'm in tears, haven't showered in 3 days, baby needed to be fed and I had no sitter. There was no way I make it to the trip that they were leaving for right then. And it was only a morning trip, so even if I met them there they likely would be in the middle of a nature walk or near finished with the field trip.

Talk about feeling like a shitty mom. His teacher said she'd take special care of him, knowing he would be bummed I wasn't going with him as planned. But still. I am missing his one field trip of the year. The mommy guilt never ends.


  1. what a huge bummer!

    tucker has a full day field trip today that matt actually wanted to go on with him ... but they had enough parents already going. i'm bummed that neither one of us got to go along, but in order to not feel too bummed out, i have to remember, he's got a lot of field trips left in his future.

    now, he's just going to have more to tell you about when he gets home. maybe just do something special for him when he gets home? maybe take your own field trip somewhere. :)