Wednesday, February 19, 2014

suga' suga' everywhere....

We got home from school pickup and Hudson made himself a snack of Rice Krispies with sugar.  He apparently forgot to put everything away.  While the boys snacked and watched some shows, I was finishing editing a clients pictures.  I heard Amelia in the kitchen, but didn't think there was anything terrible she could get into (mind you, she regularly makes herself at home on the island, kitchen table or the counters.  She's a master at hauling tall-as-her stools around to get wherever she needs....errr wants... to go).

I heard her saying "Woooh!  Woooh!" (or something like that) and decided.... hmmmmm... better go check that out.  And.... this is what I found.  (Yes, I took pictures.... when the mess is already there, might as well laugh about it.  It is what it is....)