Wednesday, March 19, 2014

reading and technology punch card

I've been wanting to create some kind of reading reward for the boys, as well as a technology time limit type deal for them.  I finally made myself browse Pinterest and came up with a plan.... punch cards!

We're implementing them now, but I really can't wait to use these this summer!  My plan for them is this:

Technology Punch Card:  They will get one card per week, and each punch is worth 30 minutes of technology time.  They can't use more than 2 punches a day.   Once their punch card is used up, their technology time for the week is up.  They can earn more tech time by reading more books....  :)

Reading Punch Card:  For every 30 minutes they read, they get a punch.  Once their punch card is full, they can redeem it for 30 minutes of technology time (xbox, wii, iphone, computer, DS, etc).... OR they can redeem it for $3 towards a book in their book order!  


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