Wednesday, December 3, 2014

9 free favorite printable holiday tags

I love searching Pinterest for great printables.... especially when it comes time for Christmas and making gift tags!  I decided to post links to my favorites that I found on Pinterest.  I decided to print #3 from Shanty2Chic on cardstock.  Now if I can just get my printer to work.... I swear it was just working yesterday.  Today... no dice.  Doesn't want to load the paper.  GRRR.   Electronics.   

Free Printable Christmas Movie Quote Tags @ The Happy Tulip

Colorful Gift Tags @ ColorMeMeg

Black and White Tags @ Shanty2Chic

Adorable Stockings @ Fresh Picked Whimsy

12 Different Calligraphy Tags by Lindsay Bee  Download HERE

Hand Drawn Printable Gift Tags @HeyLook

Hand Illustrated Holiday Tags by Emily McDowell

Watercolor Printable Tags @Oana Befort

Vintage Printable Tags @Oana Befort