Saturday, June 13, 2015


SCENE:  Bedtime.   Amelia is having a "sleepover" in Hudson's room since Porter is out of town with Oma. She had a chewed up piece of gum she sat on the night stand to chew in the morning.  Imagine utter attitude and disgust in the 3-year olds voice.

Ryan:  Ok, you need to get in bed and cover up.
Amelia:  But I NEED to find my gum!
Ryan:  I threw it away.
Amelia:  Are you KIDDING me?
Ryan:  I'll give you another piece in the morning.
Ryan: It was all chewed up.  You can have another piece in the morning.
Amelia:  SERIOUSLY?   (puts head in hands) Dummy. Don't even worry about it.

Lord help us when she's a tween.

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