Friday, November 11, 2016

how'd that get there?

Lulu was walking around the hotel room with one shoe on her foot, and the other shoe in her hand. (Ryan had put her first shoe on about 10 minutes earlier).  Ryan said "Lulu, bring me your shoe andI'll put it on!"

She held her shoe close to her chest, and began spinning around, looking all over teh floor and aroudn the room.  We laughed, saying "Lulu, just bring your shoe over here and Daddy will put it on!"   We watched her- brow furrowed, completely concerned look on her face, spin around, looking for something.  

Then we realized... she's looking for her other shoe!   We told her "Lulu, look at your foot!  Your shoe is already on your foot!"  She spun around one more time and finally caught a peek at her foot under her dress and we heard her give this "Heeehhh Hehhhh" deep chuckle like "Huh... how'd that get there" and she looked up at Ryan and grinned.  

Holy heck I wish I'd gotten this on video.  She's so stinking cute.  

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