Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a weekend!!

I am exhausted. I feel like its midnight, and its only 7:30.

Yesterday we went to Reyna's 1st birthday party. Stupid me didn't change the batteries in my point and shoot, so I don't have any pictures. Leslie will probably be posting some soon, though, so check over there. (Or, Kristin does have some as well!)

We had to leave Reyna's birthday right before she began opening gifts in order to make it to Ry's extended family get together (that replaces our Christmas get together). We ate at Bullingers, which has the best best best rolls (those of you from Jackson/Chelsea will nod your heads.... Bullingers, Daryl's and Common Grill's rolls rock!!). We had a back room rented in the restaurant (one that is normally for weddings/showers etc) and it was perfect. There were a total of 8 kids and they had a blast playing together.

After dinner we went back to Ry's parents house to hang out and played a few games of Spoons before heading home at 9:30.

This morning Leslie and I went to breakfast. We ended up taking Porter with us as Ryan had plans to help his dad with a project at their house. We had wanted to eat at Bone Island Grille but they didn't open until noon, so we settled for Bob Evans.

At 11, Porter and I met Cathy, Lori and the girls at Fun 4 All Kids. This was my first time going there, although a few of the Cheeky Monkeys have met up there before. I was never impressed by their website. However, I was really surprised at how great this place was! Its a huge rec center type building that used to be a sports center with hockey etc. It now has a ton of those blow up obstacle courses (4 of them) and 2 big indoor climber things, as well as a toddler room and two game rooms. I was impressed, especially for Jackson. Porter had an absolute blast. I was so proud of him- he was so brave and went up one of the huge blow up slides and went down by himself. He normally is pretty reserved and timid on play structures. Not today. He ran around like a wild man and couldn't get enough of it. I'll definitely be taking him back there again. It beats McDonalds... thats the only other playplace in town!

Porter and I came home and while he took a nap I attempted to sew a blanket for him. It sucks. He likes it though, but I may try to make another one for him. I put quilt batting in the middle of it and I really don't like how "poufy" it is. I wonder if they make a heavier, thinner quilt batting or if maybe I should just try layering the middle with flannel sheets. Hmm.

Ryan came home and brought a white bookcase for the baby's room. Porter had a red bookcase in the nursery, and I was going to just paint it but I didn't want to screw up the finish. So, we just bought another white one and will store the red one.

Anyhow, Porter is in bed crying (he doesn't want to go to bed... keeps getting up and is upset because he keeps getting in trouble)... I'm trying to muster up the energy to be productive with the rest of my evening.

Tomorrow is my first day working full days. I'm nervous because I have no idea what to do with the kids I work with in the afternoon. I basically have a corner of a room, a table and some chairs. This first week is going to be entirely trial and error. I'm working with three different classes, just a select few kids from each class (the at-risk kids). Its 3rd grade, which I'm not all that familiar with) and I'll be basically giving them additional assistance in math and language arts. We'll see how this week goes. The 3 teachers and I will just have to get the kinks worked out this week as far as schedules etc.

Alright... I guess thats enough of an update. I have a few pictures from last night that I can share, but I'm too lazy to go downstairs right now.


  1. It sounds like a busy, busy weekend! Relax and watch the Screen Actors Guild tonight!

  2. I hear ya, girl! My weekend has been a blurr of fun 24/7!

  3. Nicole, I wanted to suggest either Warm & Natural or Warm & White batting. It is definately on the thin side but fairly warm. That is the only batting I quilt with. I usually buy it at Joann's. We need to see some pics of your creation though :).

  4. sounds busy! the kids love fun 4 all...and i do too! i can read a book while they run around like maniacs! good luck on your 1st long day!