Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Work work work...

Seems like thats all I've blogged about this week. Hey! Its a big transition for me... not having my afternoons off.

Yesterday I was about to kick myself thinking "Why in the WORLD did I take on this afternoon position?" I was freaking out about the schedule- all 3 afternoon teachers have different schedules. Not only different between the 3, but each of their schedules is different EVERY DAY. Two do math/science in the afternoons (and I hate pulling kids out for a majority of their math time as thats essential) and one does language arts in the afternoons. I sat down last night for a few hours and put together a tentative schedule that would also give me a few small chunks of time for planning/copying etc etc. I had a PLC meeting with the 3 teachers this morning and showed them my nice color-coded schedule and they were pleased. They are all pretty laid back and said "Sure, that'll work fine! Whatever is best for the kids." Sweet.

So, today I put the new schedule into motion and it worked beautifully. I am pulling out two groups a day for reading, and I'll be going into their classes for a half hour each math period (for a total of an hour a day). I also have another slot each day for the third teacher who does language arts in the afternoons so I'll either pull kids out for math or be additional support in the room during those times.

I need to find a teacher store and get something... anything.... for my bare ass walls in there. It looks like a sterile, boring office!

Yesterday I'd have said I really didn't care for working in the afternoons, but now that there is a little order and schedule to my day I think I might actually like it.

I am, however, really looking forward to my Friday.... my day with Porter, my day off. I want to spend some good quality time with P-man Friday morning and then in the afternoon I'm going to the scrapbook store with 4 or 5 other girls to scrapbook until midnight. I hope I get a lot of scrapping done!

I hope to post pictures of Porter's room soon. Its *almost* done. I've had so much fun decorating and organizing it. And I thought little boys rooms weren't as fun as little girls. I can't wait to post pics!

What else, what else. OOH! More goodness today.... I got an email from Kim and she's coming to Chicago with us! That totally made my day. I am sooooo excited to meet her. She emailed me and said "I hope there's room for me to come. Well, too bad if there isn't because I already bought my plane ticket!" HAHA! Just 8 more weeks..... I can't wait.

Speaking of Chicago... I hope to hell my hips/pelvis/inner thighs snap their asses back into shape. Monday I noticed my inner thighs hurt, like if I pivoted on my leg to turn it felt like I was ripping my legs apart. I'm assuming it has something to do with hips spreading during pregnancy etc. I hobble like an old lady. I can't walk far or fast. Shit! And I have 8 weeks until I walk all freaking weekend? Looks like I seriously might be looking into a wheelchair. HAHA!! Remember that one stipulation to coming, girls? I hope you were serious....


  1. Glad to hear work is getting better. I'm so jealous of your scrap night. I need to get some more done, but I'm too damn tired! Can't wait to see pics of Porter's room.

  2. glad to hear work is getting better! have fun on friday...i wish i could go :( but more medical appts...

  3. I still plan on pushing you around. :)

  4. I can relate to all of this and then some ;)
    Don't bother with purchasing stuff just to make it pretty...I suggest putting up your standards and also chart paper on the walls of your mini lesson topics for reading. (Do you do Reader's workshop with mini lessons?) I can take pictures of my classrooms for ya to show you what I mean....
    (genre, habits of good readers, choosing good bookscharacter info, plot, theme, setting, response to literature, T-T T-S T-W connections, etc)