Friday, February 1, 2008

TFT: Hair

Yes, this is technically a day late. My mind has been in work mode all week and you'll laugh when you hear that I just sat here for about 20 minutes racking my brain for topics... thinking of everything that I've done in the past week or so and if any of that is relevant for a topic.

So. Here's what I came up with. Believe me... its nothing great.

Hair. How do you wear it. That is the topic.

Let me elaborate. I'm the type of person who has to do their hair everyday. Its long. I ususally shower everyday so I get a "fresh palette" to work with... redry it (usually with a large, round, boar bristle brush) and if its still wacky and wavy I run an iron to smooth out the spots the brush didn't get. I then tease the top and back a bit to give it some volume, and spray. I rarely RARELY wear my hair in a ponytail if I'm leaving the house.

Now, what sparked this thought was yesterday. I woke up and was lazy and I thought "I'm not going to take a shower today!" Which meant no "new palette" of hair to style and I hate wearing my hair down once I slept on it as its just flatter and wavier and I just don't like it. So, I teased it up a little bit underneath to get some volume and then put it in a low ponytail. I got to work and the kids were like 'Mrs. Barczak! We've never seen you with your hair up!" LOL. It was kind of funny.

So.... my thought... my question. Do you wear your hair the same way everyday? Do you style it everyday or are you a no-fuss person? Do you just wash and go? Do you have to wash your hair to style it, or is your hair thick and non-greasy enough to style it when its day-old?


  1. oh my god, i am such a loser when it comes to my hair. someone needs to teach me.

    i don't do my hair AT ALL for work because i don't really care. i shower in the morning, comb through it and head out the door. in my defense, i work with a bunch of guys. computer-programmer-type guys. so i really could care less what i look like. i honestly think if i worked with more girls i'd do my hair more. is that weird? that's a TFT right there. anyway, if i'm going somewhere after work, or on the weekends, i'll do my hair then... straighten it or sometimes i'll do velcro or hot rollers when it's a little longer. i'm a total retard when it comes to doing it though. it's not really that i don't care, it's just that i suck. on the bright side, my hair is super healthy because i don't do much with it. :) it's also super thick and coarse... so i don't really have to wash it every day if i don't want to.

    anyway, i've always wanted to be one of those girls that can do their hair. maybe we can have a teaching session in chicago. :)

  2. Most of the week, I've got a curly ponytail with a headband because I only get 30 minutes to get ready after working out before I have to pick Ayla up at the nursery. If I'm feeling really spunky (or didn't work out as long), I'll leave it down and curly with a headband. Once or twice a week I do the whole shebang and dry, straighten and smooth it all out--I always feel the best on those days (and often that's the only time I'm photographed, which is why all my online friends think I look that way all the time--total farce!)

  3. like kim, i am a loser when it come to hair so...i keep it short! i have not had long hair for years.

    my routine goes something like this: get up and wash it. on weekends or occassionally the weekday i can get away with not washing it if i don't have 'bed head' but usually if i'm going anywhere i wash it. then i comb it a bit if i want my part a certain way or something, then i blow dry it and spray it. done. this whole process takes about oh, 6 minutes? hahaha! i would love to have long hair for a ponytail or just to do different styles with it, but my hair is very thick and i feel it just gets flat, heavy, and makes me look retarded since - i am not good at styling it!

    interesting topic. i racked my brain for way to long on this weeks tft too. :)

  4. what a topic! i used to have really really super short hair. just a little longer then lisa f. to give you an idea!! i know, short!!! after graduation, i decided to grow it out. right now, its about shoulder length, we LOTS of layers. my hair is thin, and my stylist, told me that the layers would help make it look thicker, and layers really do help! normally i wash it every morning, sometimes every other it just depends. but i towel dry it, and then comb it. and i just got some new product and its called smoothing shine milk and im gonna try it today! but then because my hair is thin, and if i let it air dry, it gets really poofy and super wavy. so i ALWAYS blow it dry if im gonna go out. but i hang my head upside down and dry it that way while i run my big square paddle brush through it as it dries. ( this is hard to explain!) then i normally run a strightening iron through it just on the top layers. i tease it a little in the back and by my bangs for a little extra volume. and then i spray!
    i have some of those velcro rollers and hot rollers but they are a lot of work to put in and most mornings i dont have the time ! sometimes i pin up the front, or do a braid or something... but when i go to work at the hospital, i wear it up or i atleast take a ponytail with me so i can put it up there. but most of the times its down...

    between your question and heather's about the toothbrush, ihave had to really think about what i do in the morning!! haha! see you later excited to go!!!

  5. Good topic. I style my hair much like you do, although I don't wash mine everyday. It seems to work better if I wash it every other day, and I honestly don't think I could style my hair with my huge brush and blow dryer every day because it takes me FOREVER! I used to pull my hair up all the time, but the last 3-4 years, I wear it down 99% of the time. I will curl it ocassionally, but not very often. Oh...and I'm not a pony tail girl at all.

  6. Haha! I was thinking about the random TFT's this week and aren't we a bunch of girls... talking about romantic Valentine's days and being all emotional and doing our hair!!

    My hair... as you know I have TH syndrome. THICK hair. Seriously, any one who's ever cut or colored my hair has said at least a dozen times during said haircut, that they can't get over how much hair I have. And it's naturally wavy... just wavy enough to be annoying, not look cool. So I dry it straight. I almost always wash my hair at night so I dry it and then sleep on it so it's "flatter" and not fluffy thick and frizzy. I keep it short (above the shoulders) because otherwise it just gets too heavy and blah.
    I really only wash it twice, maybe three times a week. If I do more than that, it feels too frizzy.

    I was read an interesting thing the other day, about washing your hair... and showering too actually... that you "train" your hair/body to need to be washed as often as you do it. If you shower every day (or wash your hair every day) then your body is trained to produce that much oil and whatever to keep up with that. If you only do it every other day, or every third day, then that's what your hair/body has adjusted to and will work accordingly. So that's why people who have always taken showers every single day, feel gross on a day without a shower, while people who only shower every other or every few days, their bodies (and their hair and the oils in their skin) are accustomed to that and feel just as clean as the every day showerers. I thought that was interesting...

  7. this damn blog just ate my entire post!!!
    And now I don't feel like retyping it all!!
    Basically, I wash and go every day

  8. I only bother with my hair when I have to leave the house...and that's only a couple times a month. The rest of the time I leave it either down or with a headband to keep it from my face because it's almost down to the small of my back and is "Marcia Brady" straight.

    It's boring, really. I do have to wash it often because it looks dirty sometimes when it is not.

  9. Well, I am like Heather and I have thick, barely curly, just enough to be annoying, curly hair. If I want it to look nice, I have to straighten it, and that takes a good half hour (it takes 10-15 minutes just to dry it!). So most days, I just wash, put mousse in and air dry. Usually ends up in a pony tail. On special occasions, I will straighten it, not that often anymore as I don't work outside of my house. My sister though, is just like you. SHe has to wash, dry, style every day, even if she's just staying in.

  10. I have very thick, semi-wavy hair. Just wavy enough to be a pain, but not quite wavy enough to scrunch up very good! My hair has a few layers & is down past my shoulders a few inches. I wash it every other day; 1st day is a wet day (I put in a gel to help for smoothing w/ straighteners & a mousse) then I either attempt to scrunch a little curl out of & pull my hair up in a clip or shove off to one side, 2nd day is a dry day; I straighten my hair & hope that one day my hair doesn't get so angry @ me that it all breaks off!
    I am getting quite bored with my hair again & not sure what I want done. I had it all hacked off up to my shoulders about 4 months ago & don't really want to go that route again, because I do like my ponytails for bad hair days!

  11. Haha....Too funny, I love to talk hair though! So, you pretty much see how I wear my hair....kinda like yours when it's down, blown dry & straightened with rollers...yes, big hot rollers actually straighten my hair the best. I have naturally curl hair & only wear it that way in the summer when I just can't fight the humididty.

    Lately though, being pregnant and exhausted in the morning...I've been wearing it up almost everyday! And let me tell you, I've mastered the art of wearing my hair up in a clip. First, I don't wash it that morning, then I back-comb the crown a little(I have big hair anyways, so don't need much of that)twist it up to the crown and clip....then spray! It actually is very easy for me and looks cute- most of the time. While I like my hair down, I've just been too lazy to get up and out of bed 5 mornings in a row to do the hair morning ritual....kwim?

  12. right now my hair is shorter than it has been in a long time. but i still like to try different stuff with it. while i do shower every day i only wash my hair every other day. i spend way too much $$$ to loose my color that quick!

  13. I wash my hair every other day but do my hair everyday. Somedays I wear all of it down with big barrel curls (much like all of the pics on my blog) other days a low pony tail with the top teased a bit, other days I pull all of it in a high pony tail and do a funky bun type thing with hair sticking out, and then other days I pin the length of my hair up underneath the layers of my hair to make it look like it is shoulder length. I also like to use a lot of scarfs and headbands. I am very versatile with my hair.