Monday, June 30, 2008


aka... One Project A Month.

I'm going to take this on once we move in to H House. Tara Whitney started this idea, I believe, and has been doing it for awhile. Looks like fun to document as well :)

Basically, you pick a project a month to tackle. It could be cleaning out a closet. Painting a room. Organizing a cabinet. Hanging picture frames. You get the idea. Make sure you take a Before and After picture. You can post it on your blog for even more fun!

I'm going to make an OPAM category and keep updates here on my blog. From the looks of it, I should have enough OPAM for the next 10 years!!


  1. i love seeing tara's projects. can't wait to see yours! before and afters are so much fun!

  2. What a great idea!! I may have to steal that idea!!

  3. Great idea! I could totally handle OPAM!

  4. That is a GREAT idea! I think that I am going to also start it on my blog.


  5. That is an awesome idea!!
    I'll have to try that too!!