Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going out with a Bang!

This last week of Christmas Break not only have I been fighting a sinus infection/head cold plus pink eye, but I've also crammed in some long, tiring days with the boys.

On Wednesday I met Sadie and Stephanie and their friend Sarah at the Treehouse. The place was a bit crazy but the new location, being about 3x's larger than before, made it tolerable. We ended up staying for 3 hours and the boys were so worn out! They were really needing to just run run run for awhile. That trip took up most of our day and we got home and Hudson napped while Porter took an hour rest in his room. I needed the peace and quiet, that's for sure!

Friday we took off around 9:30 and picked Lori up to go to Ikea. We first made a stop at a nearby resale shop (Once Upon A Child in Canton) and oh my was it so nice! They had Sooooo many racks of really nice girls clothes (boys too of course but I never made it that far!) and tons of books and toys and baby gear. I bet they had 30 different bouncer seats- all in great condition. Gosh, really no need to ever buy new! I made it out only spending $35, which was surprising, and then we went to Ikea for lunch.

Ikea was a zoo! The line for lunch was sooo long but kids ate free so that was nice. After lunch we dropped the boys off at Smäland to play for an hour (what an amazing service to offer and it would be crazy to not take advantage of an hour of kid-free shopping!). We made it almost through most of Ikea and my buzzer went off so we picked the boys up for the rest of the way through. I ended up getting curtain rods for Hudson and the baby's rooms, plus another Expedit and buckets for it. I also got an umbrella and an orange wire waste basket for P's room. The Expedit, normally $70, I found in the As-Is section for $50! It had been a floor model and 2 shelves had dents but I was able to out that towards the wall and it's not noticeable at all. I love getting unexpected bargains like that!!

After Ikea we went to Lori's where I shorted through about 10 totes of girl clothes! I came home with two packed totes full of 0-2t stuff and am pretty sure baby girl won't need to be shopped for much. (Need being the key word here... You know I'll still be shopping!). Then we all went out to Red Robin for dinner before heading home. I was exhausted and after a super slow waitress and (my) kids who weren't on their best behavior.. I was about to lose my shit. The boys did not sleep a peep on the way home despite no naps an it being 9pm.

This weekend ahead is pretty relaxed aside from spending NYE with the Dawson's at the lake. Sunday we will probably pack up our Christmas stuff. Ry has to be on call Monday so we will probably hang out and relax before getting back into the work/school routine again!

I can't believe Christmas break is almost over. It went by far too fast!

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